Gates of Ivory Metalcore Band Returning to SoCal

Musical fans have another chance in November to catch the band Gates of Ivory, the unsigned opening act of August’s Slaves Headlining Tour.

Gates of Ivory will be playing with Your Hero is a Villain at Malones Concert Venue, 604 E. Dyer Rd, Santa Ana,  Nov. 23., at 5 p.m.

Gates of Ivory, together with Slaves, Nightmares, Alive like Me, Mkya, together all rocked Southern and Northern California’s socks off on a tour their that ended Aug. 26 in Sacramento.

At Chain Reaction in Anaheim, Aug. 22, the concert started with the  opening band, an unsigned  Los Angeles band, Gates of Ivory,  a band with two women singers who are the “front men” opening for the other signed bands that were playing. Gates of Ivory played a couple of songs from their “Denouement” (Extended Play) EP album which is a five-song album.

Keep in mind not many women are front men in a metal core or rock band. The only well-known ones are Evanescence and Eyes Set To Kill.

The energy of this concert tour was great; there were moshpits, moshing, and concert-goers singing along.

The band Nightmares, says they are from Atlanta, Ga., and are signed with Rise Records. The members of the band are  Carter Hardin on vocals, Mike Smith on bass, Jimmy Griffin on guitar, and David Angel on drums. Hardin is the childhood friend of Tyler Carter from the band the name, according to the front man.

The tour had bands all signed with Rise Records. This four-plus-hour  concert was supposed to end a lot earlier than 11 p.m., but the crowd asked for encore.

This rock band tour  ended Aug. 17 in Sacramento


Slaves drummer soloed during the Aug. 22 Anaheim concert. ©2014 Christian Nguyen

The band, Mkya, Relocate said that it’s fairly easy to get a record deal with a well- known record label. After getting discovered, they said they have full artistic expression. All the record label does is endorse them by paying for such things as tours, merchandise and album recordings. To get discovered a band has to convince the manager of the record label the band is “marketable.”

slaves fans

Alive Like Me fans wave in synch as band frontman Jairus Kersey sings late into the night. ©2014 Christian Gonzalez

youth in revolt

Nightmares Carter Hardin singing for the Slaves tour. ©2014 Christian Nguyen

As the headliners, the band Slaves ended this concert.

“All the bands were excellent,” said Chris Anguiano of Of Euphoria. “The bands that stuck in my mind the most though, were Gates of Ivory and Nightmares.”

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