Finals Fuel

Free scantrons. Free blue books. Free coffee.

Associate Students (AS) are hosting Finals Fuel all this week, an event that is meant to help students be successful during the stressful week of finals.

“We are the representatives of the students,” said Ryan Johnstonbaugh, Biology major, who is spearheading this event. “We want to support our students.”

AS is doing it in a big way this week by providing free coffee as free food as well as testing supplies. Finals Fuel booths can be found at either end of the quad, one next to the Student Activities Center and in one front of the Science, Engineering and Math building.

“This event is mostly to say thank you to all the students,” said Johnstonbaugh. “But it is also to let people know we are here, and also to promote the AS sticker.”

“Students tend to turn inwards and isolate themselves during finals week we want to remind them we are here to help,” said Johnstonbaugh.

Chichi Okoroama, a Political Science major and AS senator said “the AS sticker is $7 and for that you get free food, several businesses give discounts. You also get access to the student center.”

“The AS sticker is cool.” said JaeDean Pangelinan, 20, Mortuary science major, who came over to get some free coffee. “It gets you free food and it is fun to hang out at the pool table,”

On a campus where students get out of their cars go to class get into their cars and go home it can be hard to get the word out there that is a support system for them.

Associated Student council meets every Monday and Wednesday from 12:30 to 2 p.m.  These meetings are open to everyone.

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