Fifteen Home Runs for the Chargers

The Cypress College Chargers baseball team hit a home run this past season with fifteen of the talented athletes continuing their sports career at four year universities. Fifteen players will be further developing their techniques and aiming towards new goals, with five players fulfilling their dreams of playing baseball at NCAA Division 1 schools.

Achieving twenty-five wins during the season, the team’s success is no surprise- especially under the training of experienced Head Coach Anthony Hutting. It will be Hutting’s third year as Head Coach of the Chargers baseball team and he is already reaching exceptional goals alongside the athletes. Hutting had a successful baseball career himself at Cal State Fullerton as a Titan and was apart of the team when they won four Big West Championship titles from 2010 to 2013.

Hutting says he cannot take all the credit for the team’s success, however, stating that he is surrounded by “staff and coaches with an incredible amount of experience to help the growth and progress of the program.” There is a great amount of guided advice the coach can give to the Chargers based on his personal experience, but says the most important aspect of athletics is “the work ethic. Separating yourself from the amount of work needed to be done and keeping those goals and motivation in your mind is the best thing you can do.”

The Cypress College baseball team has shown what they can do on the field this past season. The MVP of the team this season, Dominic Campeau, signed to Long Beach State to continue his baseball career. In an article posted to the Cypress Charger’s website during the 2018 Cypress College Baseball Signing Special, Campeau stated the biggest challenge of moving on to a higher level is “adjusting. I know the competition is going to be a little bit better. All that I mean- the hardest part of all of this is going to class and practice and keeping all that together is probably the hardest part but I’ve done it at the division two level and here at junior college so I think I’ll be ready for it next year.” Campeau’s teammate, pitcher Jake Mahood, is a Concordia University signee and explains how “there was a lot of maturing that helped a lot on the mound, you know, getting that mental state getting that mentality pitching eight or seven innings.”

Hutting is excited for next season but also knows there is a “large group of guys to replace, filling roles” as players such as Campeau and Mahood leave the team to further their sports careers. “I always tell the guys the talent funnel keeps getting tighter. Everyone at Division 1 and pro are talented.” According to Hutting, there’s more to being an athlete than being able to play the game well- “character matters also.” Observing the teams accomplishments, it seems they have taken advice given by their experienced coach and have reached their own goals this season, moving on to create more triumphs for themselves.

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