Fall 2020 Tuition and the CARES Emergency Relief Fund

Since the start of distance learning, there have been questions regarding tuition and what has been done to aid students in these unprecedented times.

On March 13 of the Spring 2020 semester, in-person class sessions were abruptly ended- and what students and faculty thought would only be a week, ended up stretching to the remainder of the school year, through summer, and continues today. Many students were left wondering if they would have to pay the same tuition price in the fall since all classes would be taught remotely.

Cypress College has not made changes to its price per unit, keeping it at $46. A section in the most recent coronavirus news report released by Cypress College stated, “A Cypress College education costs $46 per unit — $138 for a typical, full-credit class — California’s lowest tuition. Financial aid and scholarships are also available to qualifying students.”

Although there have not been changes to the amount per class, if you attended last semester and met the requirements and deadline for the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund, you received $500 in financial aid due to COVID-19 related expenses. In the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) Report for Student Portion of Cares Act Funds, it shows 9,151 students were eligible for the grant. As of July 2, 2020, there has been 1,891,075.00 distributed to students.

Although the price of tuition and classes stay the same, Cypress College has many resources put in place to help their students reach their goals. There have been many more COVID-19 related news and information regarding Student Aid put out by their staff which can be located at https://www.cypresscollege.edu/coronavirus/.


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