Editing Sole Image

Sole Image, Cypress College’ s yearly literary magazine, is edited by Cypress College students every Spring.

This semester, 10 students and one faculty member served as Sole Image editors; Cypress College English Professors Stuart Rosenberg and Lawrence Keel served as advisers. Editors Josiah Asido, Jason Bircea, Dillon J. Dickson, Marjaneh Espinosa, Arnold Hwang, Karen Joy, Rich Kim, Sharon Lee, Alexander Ochoa, Stephanie Perales, and Illiana Vega edited the magazine through the online program, Lucidpress.com.

“It was really cool getting to look at all these great works of poetry and photography and other art by Cypress students. I had a blast putting the magazine together,” said Alexander Ochoa, English major. Sole Image began requesting student submission in March; by the end of April they had submission from over 30 Cypress students.

Josiah Asido, a Biology major, says he hopes to continue editing the magazine next year. “It was a a great experience. I’m new to Cypress College, and it was a great way to get involved on campus. I’m really proud of the final product.”

Contributors to the magazine include Cypress students: Jose Aguilera, Rachel Yesun Anh, Benjamin Alfaro, Jillian Bautista, Michelle Chuning, Alvaro Espinoza, Jimin Kang, Sarah Khattar, Faith La, Sean Lazatin, Dorian Logan, Karlos Manzanarez, Vanessa Martinez, William Matlock, Christina Mikesel, Kyo Okamuro, Linda Park, Kassandra G. Rojas, Janel Saldivar, Cam Tang, Duy Trong, Melody Villafana, Claudia Villasenor, Byung Yoo, Jin Yoo, and Mike Alcoran.

“I’m really proud of the editors and the magazine they put out,” said Rosenberg. “It was incredible, seeing them all in the office printing and folding and stapling and laughing. It’s nice to see that kind of community and commitment on the campus.”

For the first page of Sole Image, editors chose Lee’s “Like the Trees of Winter”. The poem’s opening lines are, “As I grow older, I become more/ narrow-minded of the world around me.”

Sole Image Editors say they are indebted to student photographer Mike Alcoran, whose photos were used as covers for the Spring 2015 edition.

“Mike is an incredible photographer. His work had a big influence on how we wanted to design the magazine this semester” said Jason Bircea.

Sole Image Magazine is sponsored by the Cypress College Language Arts Department, and the Creative Guild Club. Copies can be picked up in the Learning Resource Center and Library.


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