Cypress College Wifi Upgrades

Cypress College’s Academic Computing staff upgraded the schools wireless Internet access in time for the 2015 spring semester. More then 120 new WiFi hotspots were added to improve the campus wide Internet access.

The Academic Computing staff upgraded wireless Internet access in classrooms, conference rooms, lobby areas, and most importantly throughout the campus including the athletic fields. This provides students and faculty wireless access all over campus to supplement their essential learning.

Before the upgrade, students often complained about how difficult it was to connect to the Internet at Cypress College. Even in the major buildings of the college like the Humanities building, students struggled to connect their phones, tablets, and laptops. Maggie Shultz, a Cypress College student said, “ The Wifi was really horrible…”

In the Cypress College 2013-2014 Annual Report under Financial Highlights, the total expenditures consisted of $56,259,105. 88.4% of that total was the total employee cost, the other 11.6% were other expenses. Other expense includes supplies, utilities, maintenance, instructional equipment, and finally technology/WiFi. $6,532,888 was spent in other expenses.

On February 26, 2015 of the Cypress College Academic senate, under unapproved minutes, Appendix B, Cypress College students petitioned regarding campus WiFi. “We the students of Cypress College have taken great concern for the safety and wellbeing of the student body. The limitations of wifi access on campus are inadequate and unable to properly serve our needs…Therefore as taxpayers and members of the student body, we respectfully demand that the college rectify this problem immediately.”

Now as upgrades have been added, students have noticed a significant difference. Dan Olmos, a Cypress College student stated, “The 2nd stall on the 2nd floor of the humanities building has great WiFi signal.” Look for a second phase of the WiFi upgrades, where the Academic Computing staff is looking to add more connection devices across campus and prevent neighbors from stealing our hard earned WiFi.


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