Cypress College Students Favorite Spots at Cypress College


Located in the Fine Arts building, students can relax or study at the tables provided throughout the building. All the academic buildings throughout the campus feature tables for students to work.

Cypress College has a wide variety of places to visit, you can go anywhere and find someone new. Students tend to have their favorite spots to visit and where they can easily relax and have a good time.

Cypress College provides different places around campus for students to socialize or study. You can sit in any one of the academic buildings and study or have it be a meeting spot with friends before class. For example some students enjoy sitting by the pond  to relax and enjoy the sun, or others enjoy sitting in the nice air conditioned library. Instead of sitting in a car in between classes why not make the best of it and sit somewhere new. You never know who you might meet along the way.

Cypress College does its best to try and give students the opportunity to network throughout social events and clubs, such as the Associated Student Body building

“I love going into ASB they have pool table and ping pong tables. It’s nice to relax in there plus you meet all kinds of random people in between classes.” said Sumayah Al-Mulla, 21, Kinesiology major.

“I like the cafe because I can eat and relax or the pond because its really peaceful on a nice day, plus the ducks always do something funny.” said Brittany Moya, 19, Sociology major.

Like Moya, Graham Guske, 18, Undeclared major, ” I’m not really involved in campus activities, but when I am on campus I’m usually in the cafeteria with friends before class is the first thing I can think of.”

Cypress College also has dedicated athletes that are devoted to their team.

“My favorite thing is playing for the Cypress College Softball team; it’s become like another family to me.” said Lilyanne Waldo, 19, Undeclared major.

Instead of spending time in recreational buildings, other students tend to be more studious.

“I like going to the library. They have so many textbooks and resources, if i’m paying for all of this I would like to get the most out it. Not to mention when I’m in the library I tend to get more work done.” said Emmory Murphy, 21, Hospitality major.

” I would have to say the tutoring services. Making appointments with Patrick , the Japanese tutor to help myself get ahead with Japanese is really helpful in furthering my goals.” said Jonathan Allen, 22, Business Administration major.

Other students just like to sit in the halls of different buildings.

” I actually met my two best friends while sitting in the halls of the Fine Arts building. It was too hot to sit in my car so I grabbed my lunch and found a table. When a girl asked me if I she could sit at my table because everywhere else was taken. I let her sit with me and another girl from her class sat with us. Since that day we have become inseparable and see each other all the time.” Emily Santi, 20, Child Development major.

With all of these people around campus there is so many opportunities to network with people you never thought of meeting.

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