Cypress College starts on-campus Charger Study Space

The Charger Study space is underway as Cypress College put an outdoor study space for students as the Fall semester classes are currently online.

Cypress College officials said the study area was created to help students have a secure and safe social experience studying while the campus is closed.

From 7:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Mondays – Thursdays as well as Fridays from 7:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. tables will be provided on the Gateway Plaza as an option for students to complete their online work on campus.

The Study Space can be found on the Gateway Plaza right in front of Lot 1. As you walk towards the Counseling office you will find socially distanced tables underneath a large white tent with a staff member ready to check you in.

Students also have the option to complete their Zoom classes while on campus. Students are asked to wear headphones and be respectful of others if their online classes require interaction according to the rules of the study space sent out via email from the College.

Students are enjoying this new set up as Cypress College student Gwi-Ok Jang stated, “I already made an appointment for tomorrow.”

Paper towels and disinfectant spray are available for students to use to wipe down their table before use. At night, the campus’ Maintenance and Operations team will be doing a nightly deep cleaning and sanitizing of the area.

Charging outlets and hand sanitizer bottles are located at every table although eating is not allowed in the study space.

While it’s not allowed to go into the buildings on campus, unless your class requires in-person instruction, there are designated bathrooms and handwashing stations for students to use.

You must wear a mask on campus at all times while walking on campus and can only remove it when seated at the designated study table.

Students have reported this new online format has been difficult to stay focused yet this new resource gives students a change of scenery and allows them to “get a breath of fresh air” says Cypress College staff member Kaenyun Rome.

To sign up for a spot at the Charger Study Space you can find the Cypress College Connect app in the app store for free download.

You must sign up for a designated time before coming to the study space as appointments are mandatory. Students will also be asked to complete a Wellness Check Form upon arrival. Both tasks are located on the main home screen when you open the app.

Table reservations last every 2 hours as students have the option to extend their appointment through the reservation tab in the mobile app. You will also be required to have your temperature taken by one of the staff at the designated table.

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