Cypress College and Regional Areas Take Action To Prevent The Spread of COVID-19

Photo provided by @CypressCollege Twitter.

Over the last week more and more cases of the Coronavirus have come to light and a few deaths have been recorded in this time. Cypress College and other nearby areas are working hard to fight and prevent this virus from spreading even more than already has.

CYPRESS COLLEGE- Several emails have been sent out to students in response to the COVID-19. One of the emails has a link to two pdf files that are called Initial Assessment and Protocol and Campus Response and Planning, that gives more information as to how Cypress College is handling the pedemic at hand.

According to Campus Response and Planning “Cypress College to prepare for potential impact from COVID19/Coronavirus. Three levels are described in this section: Level 1 — Awareness and Prevention Mode; Level 2 — Responding to Unknown Potential Situation; Level 3 — Responding to Confirmed Case.” For information on how cypress college is handling the epidemic visit

LOS ANGELES COUNTY- The first COVID-19 death was just announced on Wednesday at a News conference according to, and about 27 new cases have been reported in the Los Angeles county area.

LONG BEACH EMERGENCY- In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, California State University Long Beach sent out a statement on their website stating: “To allow our faculty to make final preparations for alternative delivery of instruction, face-to-face classes are canceled from Thursday, March 12 through Tuesday, March 17, although the campus will remain open. Alternative instruction will begin on Wednesday, March 18. Online classes will continue as scheduled.”

News is coming in almost hourly about COVID-19, now is a time to be informed about the situation at hand and keep up with the prevention that is being sent out through your cities website and local news.





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