Cypress College 50th Anniversary

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With the 2014-2015 school year coming to a close, it marks the end of Cypress College’s 49th year. The institution was first built back in September of 1966. When the college first opened and purchased its first piece of property, the classrooms that students once sat in were portable buildings, which were basically trailers. There will be many events held throughout the course of the next school year which includes an open house intended for students, employees, alumni, and retirees. Though the plans for the celebration of the 50th anniversary are still in the early stages, this is a meaningful moment for the school.

When Cypress was established, a flagpole was set which stamped Cypress College’s first day in effect. What is so infamous about this feat is that when the flagpole was first set, there was uncertainty whether the flag would hold because of the instability of the cement. For the 50th birthday of this institution, there will be an event recreating this moment which will hopefully create the same aura that was felt when it first happened.

Also throughout next year, various departments will be hosting exhibits for students and faculty to come and check out. Marc Posner, Director of Campus Communications said, “This is the last anniversary that we’d be able to get big participation from people who started the college.”

What is important about the celebration of this 50th anniversary is for students who know alumni to share this information. This celebration is going to give old faculty, students, and employees the ability to reconnect with this unique institution.

Since the school came to existence, students that have gone in and out of this institution and have been given the opportunity to succeed and become educated. What is great about this campus is the faculty that help students thrive in the classroom and help them reach their goals in through their academic journey.

When asking Marc Posner about his time at Cypress College he said, “I’m here because of my education in this district and I feel that I have an opportunity to let people gain the same advantage that I had studying here.”

The main goal that many students go through when attending this institution is to transfer into a university. What is so great about Cypress College is the environment, the architecture of the buildings,  and the altruism of the faculty. For Cypress College, this is a big moment with the celebration of its 50th birthday because of all the accomplishments that the school boasts. From the many distinguished athletes, to the scholars, and the personalities that have walked through the doors.

This celebration will hope to bring many of the people that had once attended this institution with the ability to reflect on where most people started their college journey. Going into next year, there will be high hopes of attendance for this celebration so it is important that students spread the word.

For more information regarding this event you can visit or contact Marc Posner and Raul Alvarez in the Foundation building (CCCPLX-305).

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