Cypress Clubs Showcased in Campus Carnival

On March 26, Associated Students hosted a Club Carnival for all students to enjoy. It was held under the piazza in front of the Fine Arts building from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. Carnival goers were provided free carnival food, such as hot dogs, cotton candy, and popcorn to enjoy as the participated in plenty of activities before and between classes.

Many of the clubs that we have on campus were present at the event, including the Human Services Club, the F.I.T.E. Club, and the Mortuary Department Club.

Banners, flyers, and candy adorned each of the club tables, welcoming people to come inquire about each one. Games and face painting were available, as well, giving the event a true, whimsical carnival feel, all while informing students on upcoming meetings for each club and what each club is about.

There was a representative available to answer any questions one may have about each club as well as members present to share their personal experiences.

One club that stood out in particular was the Human Services Club, who seemed to attract many of the carnival’s visitors. As soon as students walked up to the booth, a representative asked if they wanted to play a game, as well as providing information and flyers to anyone who was interested.

Wilfredo Carrasco, 46, a student and Human Services club secretary, said that the Human Services club, “conduct[s] hygiene and food drives and give[s] it to the Student Activities Center where the students can go pick them up and shower in the gym or get food if they need it.” Carrasco said that our campus has a lot of students with food and home insecurities and the Human Services Club helps students with those needs so they can focus on their education.

Another club that stood out was the F.I.T.E. Club, or From Incarceration To Empowerment Club – a lower profile club on campus, centered around helping students who have recently been released from jail or prison reintegrate back into society.

Garrett Sepulveda, 23, the vice president of the F.I.T.E. Club said, “What we do is we try to make the transition from incarceration to college a lot easier… Cypress College is one of the few to allow all of the [college] work they did while locked up and transfer it over so they don’t have to start all over.” The F.I.T.E Club seeks to help those students seeking to reintegrate by providing support and helping the development of leadership skills, as well as informing them on housing, food, and transportation resources.

With games, activities, and more breaking the ice, the Club Carnival provided a carefree, whimsical atmosphere for students to explore the different clubs on campus. More information on the clubs we have on campus and how to join is available through the college website or Student Activities Center.


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