Commencement Ceremony 2015


Cypress College’s 2014-2015 is coming to an end. To congratulate those graduating, the school will be hosting a commencement ceremony on Friday, May 22nd.

The ceremony is scheduled to take place in Gateway Plaza in front of the college. Everyone is welcomed to come by 5p.m. as the actual ceremony will begin at 6p.m. The ceremony will feature faculty members, special guests, and various speakers to congratulate students. Following the ceremony will be a reception for graduates, family members, and friends hosted by the Associated Students and will include refreshments.


“Graduation is the pinnacle of achievement for our college community and represents our most special activity,” according to Cypress College’s President Dr. Bob Simpson, in a message to all students graduating.

Many students may not see the importance of walking and receiving their diplomas, but the ceremony is meant to congratulate the students for all the hard work they put in while attending Cypress College.

“I often wonder why students don’t take advantage because it’s really a celebration. I think that students don’t see a AA as something to celebrate, but they should,” said Meg Alton, Admissions and Records Technician at Cypress College. “The best way to celebrate is to participate in the ceremony.”

In order to participate, students need to fill out an application form to be turned in to the Admissions office by June 11. They are also required to order a cap and gown that can be purchased at the campus Bookstore for $25. Students are expected to be dressed in their cap and gown on the day of the ceremony by 5p.m. and should not be carrying anything else, such as a purse or a backpack.

All family and friends are invited, and there will be no limit to the number of guests students may invite. Guests may park in lots 1 and 9 which offer the easiest access to the ceremony. Guests are encouraged to bring flowers, balloons, etc. to congratulate the students and items will also be available for purchase before and after the ceremony.

“Most of my friends that left school decided not to walk because it was just for an Associates Degree, so I decided not to as well,” said Ricky Tong 23, former student now attending CSULB. “Now I kind of regret it because I feel like it would have been an awesome experience to be surrounded by others who went through what I did, and it would have signified all the hard work I put in to Cypress. So, I just want to say if you’re not planning on walking you should really reconsider it.”

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