Sudents Practice First Amendment With Free Speech Wall

The Young Students for Liberty club hosted a Free Speech Wall on Oct. 29 and 30. “This was by far the most successful event the Chapter has had since the founding of it,” said Robert Guerrero, club president.

The wall allowed Cypress College students to practice their First Amendment rights and write whatever they pleased.

“I think those that wrote on the wall have now a deeper understanding of their 1st Amendment and their right to free, unfiltered speech,” said Guerrero.

The club has plans on hosting more events for students to know and exercise their rights during the semesters ahead.

According to Barbara Walner, Executive Assistant to Karen Cant, Vice President of Administrative Services, there is one free speech zone by the pond in front of the Student Activities Center.

“I had no idea our school even had free speech zones,” said sixth-year Cypress College student Jasmine Gaskin, 24. “I talk however, everywhere.”

Cypress College has had its Young Students for Liberty Chapter since April 16, 2012. It currently has 8 active members who, according to, fight to educate, train, and mobilize young people who want to recognize their freedom as American citizens. The club welcomes government conservatives, classical liberals, and libertarians, as well as curious spirits.

If Cypress College students would like to join The Young Students for Liberty club, they can visit

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