Dive Into Careers at Cypress College

The right career leads to self-fulfillment and happiness. Careers are not found overnight; finding the perfect career takes patience and a willingness to research different professions. The Career planning Center is the perfect place to get started.

It is time to make things happen for ourselves and do the legwork to ensure a bright future. The Career Planning Center is the place to strive for a better tomorrow.

The center has career research software with the latest statistics on job outlooks. It shows what type of education is needed, and also the starting, medium, and the high income for the positions. The center showcases an impressive library too. The books range from job outlook handbooks to careers in non profits. The library has taken over 20 years to construct and contains books for traditional jobs and jobs most have not considered, like a perfumer.

Books on internships are in the library too. Internships are also a way for people to work at a job before deciding to commit themselves to the profession.

The center helps all those who want to explore their career options. “The primary  goal of the career center is for students and the community to find their life’s passion. We need to make career research a priority in our lives. “Our main goal is for students to discover a career they are passionate about. We want students to find careers they comfortable and confident in. They will be ten times more successful when they follow their passion. If the person is doing something they love they will absolutely be successful in life,” said Nancy Miller, Career Resource Technician.

Exploring different career options puts students on the right path for majors. When a person identifies what their true passion in life is they can then select a major that best fits the dream. “Students get more advice at the career center than they would versus just taking classes, more opportunities to use the resources that are here. There are a lot of people to help if we get stuck and overall it is a useful informative place to use for any type of major or class,” said Kierstie Ezra, Radiologic Technology, major.

Counselors at the career center are enthusiastic about leading people on the right path for success. Career counselors help students utilize the career research resources available at the center. “Picking the right career is really important in a person’s life. We want to have a good job that we love, make money, and like to go to all of the time. So researching careers here in the career center while students are in college is a smart way to do it,” said Daniel Pelletier, Humanities counselor.

The Cypress College Career planning center is located in the Cypress College Complex, 2nd floor. The hours of operations are Monday – Thursday from 8 am to 6 pm and on Friday from 8 am to noon. To make a career counseling appointment by phone call (714) 484-7120 or appointments can be at the front desk at the Center.


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