Cypress College Honors Club

The Cypress College Honors Club and its members are acknowledged as exceptional scholars who devote their time to help the campus and the community.

General meetings for the club are at the Student Activity Center every second and fourth Tuesday of every month. Officer meetings are all other Tuesdays. English Professor, Melanie Nabahani, leads the Honors club.

Some benefits of the Honors Club include increased rates of transferring to top universities, community service or “service learning”, and increased intellectual stimulation for students.

The Honors Club has about 30 members. Being a part of the Honors Club requires 18 completed units or 6 honors classes as well as community service. Honors classes at Cypress College hold anywhere from 15 to 20 students. It increases professor interaction with students, creating a better learning environment. Abraham Kim, a business major at Cypress College and an Honors club officer said, “…it gives a greater likely hood of success as a result.”

The club participates with many other clubs on campus such as the Marine Biology Club. They recently contributed in their beach clean up event. On a service-learning trip to the LA Times Book Festival at USC, Kim said, “It was fun, I enjoyed just hanging out…”

Cam Tang a Cypress College freshman and Honors Club member said, “You get to know member in the club and bon with them, it becomes enjoyable.”

New officers were elected the last meeting of the Spring semester, May 12. You can find out more information about the Honors Club in their brochure located at the Transfer Center.

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