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  • Is Fear Real Power?

    Bob Woodward's disconcerting new bestseller "Fear" puts the current administration's tactics in perspective.

  • Inside the Health Care Services

    The Cypress College Health Services Center is a campus facility that offers resources for many of the prevailing issues on campuses.

  • Homelessness and Hunger: An Issue on The Rise

    All things aren’t exactly sunny in California, especially for students pursuing their college education while trying to simply survive and make ends meet- food insecurity...

  • Police Say September Sexual Assault Report “Unfounded”

    The first sexual assault report of 2018 has since been determined by police to be "unfounded."

  • Inside Club Rush 2018

    An inside look at the various clubs Cypress College has to offer.

  • Cypress Chargers Aim for the Top

    Women's volleyball sprints past their opponents and women's soccer breaks a tie score for the season, while men's soccer attempts to gain a lead.

  • September Movie Re-releases

    A variety of films are having re-releases in these select theaters this September!

  • Album Review- “Negro Swan” by Blood Orange

    Over the summer of 2018, Devonte Hynes, the English born, leading composer, cellist, pianist, and artist behind the musical group Blood Orange, released two tracks...

  • Stargazing by the Pond

    Witnessing our many distant planets isn’t always feasible, but with Professor Frey’s weekly free observations on Wednesdays by the Cypress College pond, every student has...

  • Welcome Back Chargers!

    The Associated Students here at Cypress College will be hosting Welcome Back Week from Sept. 10, 2018, to Sept. 14, 2018, from 11:30 a.m. –...