The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Review

The long wait is finally over for fans of Marvel and Spider-Man as Sony officially released the worldwide trailer of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” on Thursday. This trailer gives us more detail as to what the movie is about and who the villains are; so without further ado, lets gets started with the pros and cons, and what to expect.

Marvel decided to give Spidey the "Ultimate" look as his character and costume is based off the Ultimate Spider-Man series.

Marvel decided to give Spidey the “Ultimate” look as his character and costume is based off the Ultimate Spider-Man series.

First the pros: This trailer was–no pun intended–amazing. The trailer showed plenty of action, and some surprises people didn’t think they’d see. The trailer starts off with Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield, talking about how the more people he saves, the more enemies he makes–and Spidey makes three major enemies in this movie. This movie also introduces the fans to Oscorp, the evil mega corporation run by Norman Osborn. They work on DNA engineering and genetics and, apparently, they are the source to all of Spider-Man’s problems, the answer to Peter’s cloudy past, and the creator of his villains. The movie also explains how much they have been involved in Peter’s life his family. The trailer also introduces Peter’s father, Richard Parker, his role in Oscorp, and how he knows what their secret plans are.

Now lets start with the hero, Spider-Man. Director Marc Webb decided to give Spidey a costume change. His costume is based on the classic traditional suit; instead of yellow eyes, they have him don his classic white eyes and blue and red. I’m really looking forward to seeing Spider-Man taking on his greatest battle, how he deals with the villains, and his relationship with Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone).

Next, the villains. The first villain, is The Rhino (played by Paul Giamatti). Marc Webb decided to go with the ultimate version of The Rhino who is actually a 25-foot 10-ton machine controlled by a corrupt man. This will be a unique role for Giamatti, as he plays a Russian mobster who somehow gets his hands on a weapon that was built by Oscorp: the mechanical Rhino suit.

Jamie Foxx portrays the all blue villain Electro.

Jamie Foxx portrays the all blue villain Electro.

Then we have Electro (played by Jamie Foxx). Electro has always been a fan favorite with comic book fans and the back story on Foxx’s character will be very intriguing. Webb has also decided to stick with the ultimate version of Electro instead of the traditional green and yellow Electro. I am really eager to see how Jamie Foxx portrays one of Spidey’s most formidable enemies famed villain.

And finally, the third villain–yes there’s a third. He is none other than The Green Goblin (played by Dan DeHann). Webb decided to give the role of the goblin to Harry Osborn instead of Norman Osborn (played by Chris Cooper). Norman has come down with a sickening disease and is unable to fight Spider-Man, so it makes sense that they would give the role to Harry. The Goblin’s look is sort of a hybrid Ultimate Goblin, mainstream Goblin, with the glider, and Goblin facial features. I’m really curious to see what role Harry plays in Peter’s life, and the film. Is he the innocent young teen whose father doesn’t give a damn about him? Or is he as diabolical and calculating as his father?

Now the cons: I think Sony revealed a little too much. They should’ve kept the Green Goblin under cover and really shock the fans. Who doesn’t love a surprise? But they decided to shoot at all cylinders and show the world who he is. I’ve always wanted the Goblin to be the Ultimate version who is a demonic-looking monster; and seeing Spidey (who is still a teen I might add) face a big demon and beat the odds is always cool to see. However, I think fans wouldn’t buy Dan transforming into some horned pyrokinetic muscle-freak.

Vulture and Doc Ock?

Vulture and Doc Ock?

Another mistake Sony made was they revealed a possible third movie way too soon. In a scene in the trailer, there is a man walking through a lab and he passes by Doc Ocks famed tentacles, and the Vultures wings. Doctor Octopus and Vulture are two of Spider-Man’s most well known enemies, and it is very exciting, yet confusing that they are shown in the trailer so early. There have been tons of rumors of a possible third movie involving The Sinister Six, and so far the villain count is four. The Sinister Six are a group of Spider-Man’s worst enemies who join together and try to kill him. The original group in the comics included Sandman, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Kraven, and Vulture. Marvel should have kept that under cover too, and now there are rumors that the 4th film will be on based on “The Death Of Spider-Man” which was an acclaimed storyline by Marvel where Peter meets his end at the hands of The Sinister Six.

Overall this trailer did its job and has fans, people, and the Internet buzzing like never before.

“More and more the film seems to resemble Marvel’s Ultimate take on Spider-Man rather than the traditional one,” said Ryan Fleming of

“It’s a solid, meaty trailer and shows us a film with many ambitions,” adds Raja Sen of
So Spider-Man fans, as the countdown to May 2 begins, and the excitement, suspense, and curiosity builds, we wait. Amazing Spider-Man 2 webs into theaters May 2, 2014

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