Curriculum Debate Derails Academic Senate; 8 Old Biz Items Left Hanging

The Cypress College Academic Senate became so involved in the report from the Cypress College Curriculum Committee it did not get much else done at the Feb. 12 meeting.

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Here’s the Agenda of what they had hoped to accomplish.

Academic Senate

I. Establish Quorum and Acknowledge Alternates        


II. Adoption of the Agenda


III. Approval of Minutes from November 12 and December 11, 2014


IV. Public Commentary


V. Special Reports            

  1. Associated Students                                                   Amanda Aros
  2. United Faculty                                                             Randa Wahbe
  3. Staff Development                                                       Peggy Austin
  4. Curriculum Committee                                               Mark Majarian
  5. Academic Senate Treasurer’s Report                     Laurie Morvan
  6. Cypress College Foundation                                     Lynn Mitts
  7. Basic Skills Committee                                              Cherie Dickey
  8. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment             Sarah Jones
  9. Program Review and Department Planning       Kathleen Reiland
  10. District Council on Budget and Facilities             Jolena Grande


VI. President’s Report and Committee Appointments

Due to an unexpected medical leave, the duties and responsibilities of the Past-President need to be temporarily assigned to another person or                               persons. The Senate will be asked to agree on how those duties should be divided.


The Senate will need to appoint a representative to the following committees:

  1. Campus Diversity Committee (3 members)
  2. District Instructional Effectiveness Coordinating Committee
  3. District Technology Coordinating Council (TCC)
  4. Registrar Hiring Committee
  5. Enrollment Management Committee (3 members)
  6. Staff Development Committee
  7. Basic Skills Initiative Co-Chair
  8. Innovation Fund Ad-Hoc Committee

There are two faculty members who are seeking the support of the Academic Senate in their nominations to the California Board of Governors. They will            be seeking Letter of Support from the Senate.


The Senate will also need to discuss the Faculty Awards for this semester. A schedule for making the call for nomination and determining recipients will            be discussed as will potential sources of funding.


The Senate will be asked to give feedback and make suggestions for the new requirements of the Baccalaureate Pilot Program.


The Senate will also need to appoint members to the following Comprehensive Management Evaluation Committees:

  1. Rick Rams
  2. Dave Wassenaar
  3. Eldon Young
  4. Keith Cobb
  5. Marla McBride
  6. Darlene Fishman


VII. Faculty Issues – Unfinished Business

  1. Distance Education Coordinator Position (5 min.)                                    Jolena Grande

The Sub-Committee will provide an update on their work in helping to find a permanent full-time faculty member to fill the DE Coordinator position.


  1. Staff Development Coordinator Position (5 min.)                                       Jolena Grande

The Sub-Committee will update the Senate on their work in helping find a permanent full-time faculty member to fill the Staff Development                                     Coordinator position.

  1. Committee to Revise By-Laws Update (20 min.)                                         Bryan Seiling

The Committee to Revise the By-Laws will be presenting a second read of proposed changes to the Senate By-Laws. After debate and subject to                               amendment, a vote on the changes will be taken.


  1. Student Use of Instructional Space without Supervision (10 min.)       Gary Zager

The committee to address this issue will report on the work thus far to draft a policy that allows for students’ use of instructional space.


  1. Campus-Wide Golden Hour (5 min.)                                                              J.Y. Ho

There will be an update from the Sub-Committee on the feasibility of creating a campus-wide “Golden Hour” at the college.


  1. Resolution of Condemnation of Unprofessional Conduct (15 min.)      Keith Vescial

A Resolution will be presented for a second reading addressing the actions regarding the photocopying and distribution of a department survey                              that took place in the Language Arts Division.


  1. Institution-Set Standards Related to Student Success (15 min.)              Jolena Grande

In our annual report sent to ACCJC, the College is required to provide institution- set standards for a number of parameters related to student                                   success. Last year we provided an average for these parameters, as we did not have enough lead- time to discuss the details. This year, we should                           engage in the conversation so that when the report is due next March we have our standards set.


  1. Process for Setting Agenda for Senate Meetings (5 min.)                         Bryan Seiling

There will be a brief discussion of the process and policies for placing items on the Senate Agenda. The role of each Division Senator                                                will be discussed.


VIII. Faculty Issues – New Business                

  1. Revision of AP 4020 (20 min.)                                                                         Mark Majarain

There will be a discussion of the proposed changes to AP 4020. The changes address DCCC guidelines for review of curriculum as well as revision                       of curriculum submission dates to facilitate the Chancellor’s Office. The Curriculum Chair wants a sense of how the Senate feels about the                                       proposed revisions.      

  1. Adjournment

The agendas for all Cypress College Academic Senate meetings can be found on line at Agendas are physically posted on the doors of the Student Union.

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