25 Surefire Ways to Keep You Busy While Practicing Social Distancing

1. Sleep: Rest up! Hit the snooze button and catch up on your zzz’s. No more bed head, baggy eyes, or bad breath to start the day.

2. Spring cleaning: Spring begins today! Time to spruce up the house and Sanitize! Sanitize! Sanitize!

3. Self care:  Time for manicures, pedicures, facials, and plenty of hair masks. Self care is about how you make yourself feel rejuvenated.

4. Netflix and chill: Streaming television is by far the easiest to manifest. Especially with the rain we’ve been having in March. If all else fails there’s back to back reruns of Friends, the Office, Parks and Recreation, Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead to look forward to. No excuses why you can’t watch Grey’s Anatomy or the Star Wars movies in chronological order anymore.

5. Make a phone call: Video chat it up with your friends, parents, grandparents, long lost relatives via Skype FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Marco Polo.

6. Read a book: Dust off the old bookshelf and try reading past the first few chapters before replacing it with another.

7. Write: Kill some time by writing poetry, a song, a letter or your own book. Start a journal. Make a to-do list. Doodle, draw, document your life.

8. Exercise: Download a fitness app and start working on your summer bod.

9. Learn something new: Youtube, Pinterest, Google, Siri, Alexa – a plethora of platforms to search from and learn a new language, change a tire, braid hair, or open a coconut.

10. Cook: Whip up something new in the kitchen and pre plan out meals ahead of time for smarter shopping and saving. Write down all your favorite recipes to share with friends and family.

11. Board games: Bring back Game Night! Soak it up by bonding with the ones you love, or hate, either way, you’ve got plenty of time to kill each other over Monopoly.

12. Grow a green thumb: Finally plant the spice or herb garden you’ve always wanted. Build a vegetable box. Save your scraps and create your own composition with the leftovers. Remember-Save the bees!

13. Puzzle it up: Piece together a puzzle with your roommates. It’s okay to call your parents roommates.

14. Clean out your closet: Get inspired by Marie Kondo’s “KonMari” method. Rearrange, declutter, and organize everything from top to bottom including your sock drawer. Get rid of things that no longer “spark joy” in your life.

15. Watch the Classics: They can be black and white films or the original Disney movies. Binge on all our favorite ageless Rom-coms.

16. Unfriending: Unfollow accounts you see posting the same memes from two years ago. Practice safe “friendscaping” and trim all those who blow up your feed.

17. Throw out old products: Get rid of old makeup, half-empty bottles, and things you don’t need. It’s 2020. New

year, new you.

18. Get to baking: Perfect those chocolate chip cookies and buttery fluffed apple pie crust toppings.

19. Laugh: Don’t forget to laugh. Laugh at yourself, your dog, your cat, your fish, children throwing tantrums, bad jokes, people getting hurt, funny stories, and random internet memes.

20. Delete photos: Clear up space on your phone and computer by deleting old pictures, videos, and emails. You’ll be amazed how much memory storage you’ll have left.

21. Budget your finances: Balance your expenses, the next few months are going to be a bumpy ride.

22. Become a mixologist:  You can come up with your best concoctions for craft cocktails, perfect the smoothest old fashion, or just simply pull a Captain Jack Sparrow, build a fire in your backyard every night, and drink Rum for the next few months.

23. Start a new hobby: There’s always a list of things we wished we were better at if only we had the time; the kick-flip on the skateboard, the free throw at the basket, the stitching of a hole in our pants. A hobby can be anything from painting rocks to singing in the shower. Let your creative juices flow.

24. Try Something New: Dye your hair blue or green like Billie Eilish. Go crazy with a new hairstyle or look.

25. Take a deep breath: We’re going to get through this.