The Communist Party Goes Hollywood

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The Communist Party is launching a nationwide premiere screening on Saturday, of a film dialogue defining the role of religion in the revolutionary movement.

The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) is alive, well and thriving in California. Residing in the shadow of the world renowned Hollywood sign, a book store stands as the nerve center of the local communist party. Revolution Books, a supporter of the RCP is promoting a nationwide screening of a film featuring the party chairman Bob Avakian debating revolutionary Christian philosopher Cornell West on the fight for emancipation of the capitalist system and the role of religion.

“The potential for revolution comes out of the workings of the system itself,” said Annie Day, a spokesperson for the RCP and promoter of the film, who further explained the its purpose. “Avakian sees the need, importance, and value of entering into dialogue with people who come from a different perspective, but who unite on the need for fundamental change.”

Some of the issues addressed in the film include the treatment of gays and lesbians, women’s right to determine their future and abortion rights, the brutality brought upon racial minorities by the police and vigilantes, nationalism used to incite war, imperialism, and the criminalization and treatment of immigrants. The RCP questions the role of religion in light of these problems and whether it is a necessary part of the struggle for emancipation or whether it is an obstacle.

According to Day, the goal of the film is to begin the process to put humanity to work at what it’s going to take to liberate itself from the anguish caused by the capitalist system and have a society where people can be fit caretakers of the earth.

“Bob Avakian appreciates and unites with people who coming from a religious worldview want to do something to change the world for the benefit of humanity,” clarified Day. “We want to work with anybody and everybody who wants to see a different world, as we struggle together with our arms around each other, let’s keep arguing about where things need to go. What kind of leadership is required? What is the problem? And what is the solution? as we fight together to stop this intolerable conditions that we must intervene to stop right here and now.”

The film is set to be screened at the UCLA campus on April 7 and April 9. The RCP is also participating and promoting the “Shut It Down” event that is to take place on a April 14. An event started by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network founded by Carl Dix and Cornell West. Participants are to “shut it down” for the day and not attend work, school and keep from participating in the economy for that day.

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