Finish Strong for Finals Week

Chargers around campus are focused and preparing for the most important week of the semester. After a 15 week grind and a late spring break students are studying to finish strong. Trips to the bookstore for exam supplies, coffee refills and late nights are some aspects of the last couple weeks most Chargers can relate to. However, when it comes to studying, students can differ in how to plan for acing their final exams.

There are many exterior aspects that may affect a students study habits and efficiency. Some elements may help a student when some may distract or take away from the material at hand. No one tip is able to help everyone who is preparing for finals- after all, we are all studying different things, from chemistry to business, ceramics to journalism- but here are a few general tips to ensure you have finals success.

One must-know for the studying student is where they focus best- whether that’s at home or in public. A Princeton Review article, “5 Study Tips to Get You Through Finals,” suggested that, “You don’t need ONE study space.” This article suggests switching up your go-to study spots on occasion, as the “change of scenery can prompt your brain to retain information better.” Try coming up with a list of areas and atmospheres that help you focus and study efficiently! This will help you create your best work and memorize information for the big day.

The last week of the semester can be a rushed and hectic one- even if it does feel like it can drag on forever! Everyone knows that feeling like there is not enough time to work on everything that is due.

One of the best things to do to help you find the calm in the middle of the finals storm is creating a to-do list- organize your finals week exams, papers, and projects and come up with a finals attack plan. In an article for USA Today about study tips, Billie Streufert recommends, “creat[ing] a master to-do list and a schedule for the remaining days in the semester.”

Planning out the week can help guide you through the fast paced week to understand what your priorities are. A great way to motivate yourself and keep the studying energy going is with music! In the same article by The Princeton Review, they mention how music can help a student focus- while things like movies or television can distract you from finals success, music can be helpful as they state, “Turn the TV off and the music on. Music can help you focus IF you pick the right songs.” So find your best focus music and get cracking on studying for that math final you’ve been putting off!

Each student prepares in various and different ways, but knowing how you work best is what matters most. Understanding what distracts or benefits you during finals week can determine how well you do. So get on that studying preparation before your finals and finish the semester strong!

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