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The objective of The Cypress Chronicle is to bring quality stories about the college campus and surrounding community in the most efficient way possible. Stories ranging from on-campus news to blogs and columns will be available at the audience’s fingertips, easily accessible on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Chronicle is dedicated to creating the best medium for online news and stories possible for the public.

Our Staff:

Stephanie Gomez:

Major: Journalism

Philippians 4:13

As I’ve matured I’ve realized I cannot make a change in this world by looking just like it; you can’t overcome evil with evil, but with love. God’s love. Something I will forever live by!

One secret I’ll let you in on is my vinyl addiction- or, as my mother rudely insists on calling it, “my hoarding problem”. I’ve been collecting vinyl records since I was about 13. Everything- 12’s, 45’s, you name it- if your grandmother used to play it while cleaning up the house and it’s covered in dust, I most likely jam out to it! I’m an old soul, what can I say?

If I’m not at garage sale digging in boxes for new records to add to my collection, you’ll most likely find me at a park with a pen and paper. I love writing, and most importantly being able to spread truth through my words. I have to keep it real! This passion and skill is definitely something I plan on incorporating into my work here at The Cypress Chronicle.

RJ Singh:

Major: Journalism
Letterboxd: @rjsingh
My name is Rajvinder Singh, predominantly known as RJ, and I’m a first generation Indian in pursuit of a career in journalism and screenwriting. I’ve always understood that outlets of expression like film or music are of greater importance than what society (and our ever shrinking attention spans) allow them to be, and with that in mind, I’m beginning my career in expanding what music and film journalism could be at the Chronicle during my last semester at Cypress College.
Brandon Limon:

Major: Journalism

Music Historian & Avid Traveler

As someone who found themselves captivated by the sights and sound of Film and Music, I’ve always wanted to share those experiences through the insights I have gained from traveling around the world. Having the desire to discover what influences artists,\ has allowed me to become more open minded to varying cultures and the sounds they represent; whether it be Compositions of the Avant-Garde, to Alternative Rock, as well as Jazz. Music is one of the greatest things I cherish in my everyday life, as it never allows me to feel I am alone or without meaning to something.

Julia McIntyre:

Major: Journalism

Writing is the closest thing we have to time travel. It can take us to the past, keep us focused on the present, or bring us to wonder about the future. This is also what excites me the most about telling stories, especially to my fellow humans who wish there was a bit more legitimate way to time travel. As far back in the past as I can remember, I’ve always loved writing and telling stories, and in my present I am studying journalism at Cypress College. I know that throughout my future, I will continue to write and share stories with others on this great adventure called life, and I look forward to bringing this passion to the Cypress Chronicle!

 John Yarbrough:
My name is John Yarbrough & I was born in Los Angeles in the year of 1972. I’m your typical Cali-Kid – I like to skate, hit the beach, and especially the local amusement parks. I am also a veteran having served during the Gulf War. I am naturally very opinionated and, at the moment, very passionate about journalism. I believe that, like the many young men that have stepped into uniform, journalists are also key defenders of our democracy and freedoms- so, I am in school to learn more and to try to contribute to the cause!


Bradley Trout:

Cypress Chronicle Advisor:

Michael Coronado:


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