About The Cypress Chronicle

The objective of The Cypress Chronicle is to bring quality stories about the college campus and surrounding community in the most efficient way possible. Stories ranging from on-campus news to blogs and columns will be available at the audience’s fingertips, easily accessible on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. The Chronicle is dedicated to creating the best medium for online news and stories possible for the public.

Our Staff:

David Hightower: Staff Reporter

I am a second semester student at Cypress College and this is my first semester as a part of the writing staff at the Chronicle. Before Attending Cypress, I attended Cerritos College as a Chemistry and Political Science major, but I was always writing and never really felt comfortable in those majors because, while they were challenging, they didn’t allow me to focus on my true passion for telling people’s stories.

I believe that everyone, whether they see it or not, always has a story that is worth telling. These stories open our eyes to the experiences, struggles, successes, and resulting worldviews of our fellow humans. These stories are the closest we can get to truly seeing the world from the perspective of a complete stranger. Beyond the ability to connect with people on a deeper level than ever before, telling these stories allows us to hold each other accountable. Whether good deeds or bad, our actions affect those around us and I believe that it is our duty as human beings to celebrate those who are out every day helping others and making the world a better place, as well as to shed light on those whose actions may harm their fellow humans.

Roger Flanders: Staff Reporter

My name is Roger Flanders and I am one of the newest additions to the Cypress Chronicle Newsroom here at Cypress Community College! Writing, reporting and researching has always intrigued me due to its connection with my favorite hobbies and interests- following sports, listening to a wide variety of music, and keeping up with the latest movies; these hobbies have always taken up most of my free time. Through these activities, I have become familiar with the efforts of reporters, writers and critics, giving me an immense respect for this field of work and am now striving to pursue this passion.

I have been a journalism major since the spring of 2018, and am planning on using this opportunity to build skills for my goal of becoming a sports or music writer. Currently, I am working on my AA-T transfer degree at Cypress College in order to attend a local Cal State University. Though I am still a little timid in sharing, this next step in the Cypress Chronicle Newsroom will be a constructive and exciting chance to share my work!

Email me at rflanders.cychron@gmail.com!

Brandon Limon: Staff Reporter

Hello! My name is Brandon Limon- I’m 23 and have been a part of the Cypress College Newsroom team as a student writer since the fall semester of 2018. Ever since, I’ve been able to express my passions for writing and everything entertainment.

Analyzing film and music has always been something that encompasses who I am. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to pursue these passions in a professional setting and I haven’t looked back since. Being able to share what I love while perfecting my craft is something of an art in of itself. As I continue to write, I also enjoy traveling abroad to gain a better sense of perspective about various cultures and influences for the subjects I want to share. Feel free contact me for any updates or recommendations, as I am always looking to discover and exciting topics!

Email me at limon.brandon16@gmail.com


Julia McIntyre: Staff Reporter

Hello! I’m Julia, and if there’s one thing I believe, it’s that writing is the closest thing we have to time travel. It can transport you to the past, keep you focused on the present, or bring you to wonder about the future. I have enjoyed writing and telling stories for as long as I can remember- which is why it is exciting to be apart of the Cypress College Chronicle, a place I have been studying my passion of journalism at and been reporting for since fall 2018.

I enjoy reporting on sports, lifestyle, and entertainment, and I hope to turn it into a career. In the fall of 2019 I will be transferring to Cal State Fullerton to fulfill my goal of being a professional writer or a sports broadcaster in the future.

Email me at mcintyrejuliamarie@gmail.com!


John Yarbrough: Staff Reporter

My name is John Yarbrough & I was born in Los Angeles in the year of 1972. I’m your typical Cali-Kid – I like to skate, hit the beach, and especially the local amusement parks. I am also a veteran having served during the Gulf War. I am naturally very opinionated and, at the moment, very passionate about journalism. I believe that, like the many young men that have stepped into uniform, journalists are also key defenders of our democracy and freedoms- so, I am in school to learn more and to try to contribute to the cause!

Email me at jyarbrough.cychron@gmail.com!

Eden Berhanu: Staff Reporter

Compassionate and ready to advocate for social justice, I’m Eden Berhanu, 21 years of age, and a double major in political science and journalism here at Cypress College. My passion for advocacy towards social injustices inspires me to compassionately compose stories that challenge and shine light on humanitarian issues or simply spread positivity. My recent trip to my country Ethiopia, compelled me to explore the world of journalism and make a global difference through writing.

During my spare time I love to spend time with my friends and family, as well as read. If I’m not spending time with family & friends or reading, I’m exploring the environment around me. I love to try new cuisines, experience different cultures, and meet new people. More importantly, I love being in my own element- passionately expressing my thoughts through writing. I look forward to sharing my passion for writing here at the Cypress Chronicle!

Email me at eberhanu.cychron@gmail.com!


Branika Williams: Staff Reporter

I’m Branika Williams, 21 years old, and a Communications major at Cypress College. I recently switched majors after attending school here for 2 years. After my journalism professor told me I had a natural talent for writing news stories, I decided to venture out into the newsroom class to see if I wanted to pursue a career in journalism.

I’ve always been a decent writer and often use writing as an outlet for a lot of my problems. That paired with my interest in keeping up with current events makes the newsroom class a learning experience for me. When looking for news, my concentration focuses on crime and some politics. I’m interested in picking up the opinion beat since I’m a very outspoken person- often giving input on everything around me. Until now, I’ve mostly written for personal reasons and kept my work to myself- I’m looking forward to seeing how other people react, receive my work, and view my published writings!

Email me at bwilliams.cychron@gmail.com!


Photography Staff:

Maddy Patcheak

Nina Moreno

Laura Portillo

Errica Tucker

Kenai Myers

Ashley Rodriguez

Alejandro Gonzalez

Karina Mirano

Lauren Kovacik

Lillian Robidoux

Moriah Pleasant


Graphic Designers:

Marbie Waite: Creative Director


Shameem Ahmed: Graphic Designer

Hi there! My name is Shameem Ahmed, and I am the second graphic designer for the Cypress Chronicle. I am really excited to be working in the journalism department and helping them tell stories and the news! I am majoring in Graphic Design and Interactive Design. Another fun fact about me is that I am a Cypress College and CSUF student. Going to two schools at the same time is a little crazy, but it is still fun!

When I am not busy studying, I love to watch Netflix, read sci-fi, bake, and draw. Art and design have always been my top two passions. When I was little, I was always drawing or building something. I am looking forward to combining graphic design and journalism together. If you have any advertising or announcements you would like to share, feel free to contact me.

Email me at shameemahmed.cychron@gmail.com!

Managing Editor:

Stephanie Gomez:
Managing Editor

Hello! I’m Stephanie Gomez, 22 years old, majoring in Journalism, and a proud staff writer for the Cypress Chronicle since spring of 2018!

Writing is something I enjoy very much, but there is something that I enjoy even more… music. I love music and actually have an addiction- a vinyl addiction, that is- which my mother rudely insists on calling “my hoarding problem.” I’ve been collecting vinyl records since I was about 13, collecting 12’s and 45’s, LP’s and EP’s, you name it- if it’s covered with dust and your grandmother used to play it while cleaning up the house, I most likely jam out to it! I’m an old soul, what can I say.

If I’m not at a garage sale digging through boxes for new records to add to my collection, you’ll most likely find me at the park with a pen and paper… I love writing, and most importantly spreading the truth through my words. I have to keep it real! You can look forward to seeing me incorporating this passion and skill into my work here at The Cypress Chronicle!

Email me at sgomez.cychron@gmail.com!



Bradley Trout:
Email me at btrout.cychron@gmail.com!

Cypress Chronicle Advisors:

Newsroom Advisor:
Michael Coronado
Photography Advisor:
Mike Goulding


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